Preventive Dentistry

In order to maintain optimal dental health, it is important to visit our office on a regular basis. The time between visits varies for each person, and is based your dental health. In our younger years, routine dental visits can help prevent cavities and other dental problems. As we age, we are more likely to lose our teeth to periodontal (gum) disease than to cavities. 


Dental Cleanings, Check-ups and Gum Disease

berardi male patient.pngPeriodontal disease (gum disease) occurs when bacteria found in plaque produces toxins. The toxins cause gum tissue to swell and bleed. Gum disease affects millions of people. It can lead to other systemic diseases in your body. Regular check-ups can help you avoid, or halt, both cavities and gum disease. We recommend teeth cleanings/preventive visits twice a year.‚Äč


What Takes Place at My Routine Dental Visit? 

A detailed oral evaluation is performed at each ‘check-up’ appointment. We will examine all hard and soft oral tissues such as the teeth, gums, palate, cheeks, tongue, and throat. Digital x-rays are usually taken on an annual basis. Afterward, a dental cleaning may be performed. Our dental hygienist will remove any plaque, tartar or stain from your teeth.  We will also teach you how to keep your smile healthy and bright. 


What If I Have Gum Disease?

If you are found to have gum disease (called periodontal disease), a non-surgical treatment called scaling and root planning may be recommended. We will use a local anesthetic to prevent any pain. Then we will remove any tartar, plaque, and bacteria found under and above the gum line. This allows your oral tissue to heal.

After treatment, you may be asked to visit our office every three to four months to keep your condition stable. Periodontal disease left unchecked can lead to tooth loss. But while new bone will not return to areas where it has already been lost, the disease progress can be halted. Contact us today if you are at-risk of gum disease or currently experiencing pain.