WNY Children's and Teen Dentistry


At Berardi Dentistry, we care for patients of all ages, and have years of experience serving children, 'tweens and teens! We believe that children can have fun at the dentist and focus on helping your kids to develop a positive dental attitude. A positive dental experience as a child sets the stage for a lifetime of excellent dental health. Berardi Dentistry is also experienced with the latest Invisalign Teen offerings. Learn more...


What Age Must My Child Be? 

Berardi Dentistry sees patients who are as young as pre-school age. We are able to help your child take care of their baby teeth and guide them through the ‘tooth fairy’ ages and into their teens. We take pride in watching our younger patients mature into young adults, and celebrate with you their dental victories, every step of the way.


Children's Dental Services Provided

Along with preventative cleanings and check-ups, we use sealants to help stop your child from getting cavities. Sealants are made of composite material. They are used to seal decay-prone grooves of children's back teeth. We also believe it is important for children to have fluoride treatments. These treatments consist of a fluoride varnish that is applied directly to the teeth and used to prevent dental decay by strengthening enamel.


Teen Invisalign Services

See our page about Invisalign Teen and its many benefits!